Going ‘Beyond Cleaning’ with Our ESG Strategy

Over 100 staff, customers, suppliers, and professional partners gathered at Fora in London’s Spitalfields Market to mark the launch of DOC Cleaning’s long-term sustainability strategy – Beyond Cleaning.

Beyond Cleaning is our sustainability strategy that will enable us to realise our vision. We have set ourselves bold and ambitious goals to be achieved by 2025 and are committed to reporting on our progress. Through these goals we will continually create value for society and our clients and protect people and the planet. By sharing our journey, it is our hope that others will feel inspired to join us and act.

Our vision is to empower everyone we connect with to take positive action for the planet and society. Our strategy will ensure we achieve this vision and broaden our positive impact within our society. We recognise the power of collaboration and partnerships, and it is our aim to work closely with our people, service partners, clients, and wider communities to ensure reach our goals.

We have been working closely for the last year with strategic partners JustOne Consultancy and Planet Mark to build a programme to achieve Net Zero, and to put in motion a range of social value initiatives.

Lee Andrews, CEO, opened the event. He said: “I’m delighted to be formally announcing our ESG strategy, which is pulling together a lot of different work streams, some of which have actually been going for years, but never brought together under a single banner like this.”

Hannah Dean-Wood, Engagement Manager for Planet Mark, introduced DOC’s carbon reduction objectives and Elise Craig, Programme Manager from the Living Wage Foundation, spoke about the importance to DOC staff and the many thousands of similar employees of being paid the Real Living Wage, especially in view of the current cost of living crisis.

If you would like to hear more about our plan, please get in touch with us. Alternatively you can read a summary of our plan here.

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