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At DOC Cleaning, we look to align our work with client objectives in order to help reduce client costs. By focusing on delivering improvement throughout the contract we ensure that your contract will undergo a process of continuous appraisal and improvement using our knowledge bank of contract data. We want you to see us as the business partner you want to deal with in the future – one with inside knowledge, lessons learnt, and suggestions for improvement already made and carried out. The partnership should be one of continuously learning, evolving and delivering.


Famous establishments which are part of the national conversation – buildings that have sometimes been in existence for several centuries and need special care and attention to preserve their unique fabric and character. Managed by a dedicated, specialist team who have vast experience of and fully understand the unique requirements of successfully operating in such environments.

Grade 1 & Grade 2 Listed Buildings

Museums & Galleries

Public Attractions


A combination of glass skyscrapers and prestigious headquarters, where the highest levels of service are not only required but demanded – individual buildings that are often home to several organisations, where we are working with clients to create a stunning first impression and maintain a corporate brand image. Buildings are often managed by property agents, with whom we work closely to deliver a service in both the common and tenanted areas.

Corporate Headquarters

Individual Office Premises

Buildings Under the Care of Managing Agents


Distinct properties with very specific requirements. Luxury brands who rely on their cleaning contractor to present and protect their brand image. Premises that often feature high quality wood and stone floor surfaces, carpets and fabrics that require specialist cleaning knowledge. We provide peace of mind that your store will be professionally cleaned, reflecting the quality demanded by your brand.

Large Department Stores

Independent Boutiques

Brand Headquarters

Mixed Use Estates

In addition to the above, we have extensive knowledge in servicing mixed-use estates where a completely bespoke approach is required on the contract due to the mixture of retail, residential, public and commercial establishments – all within a single building or group of buildings.

Mixed Use buildings and estates are becoming ever more prominent as the needs and requirements of owners, agents and users become more varied. The services delivered at such mixed use developments require a bespoke approach to the complex needs of their unique combination of retail, residential, public and commercial establishments. Flexibility and adaptability are the key requisites for the successful operation which, together with the correct training, education and management, will deliver the World-Class service both demanded and expected’

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