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At DOC we are committed to ongoing progression and pride ourselves on our innovative and modern approach towards establishing new ways to improve our company’s performance and working practices. Through our top level management and dedicated Procurement Department we aim to identify potential efficiencies which can streamline our back office processes and offer improvements in service delivery.

Over the years some of the innovations we have introduced include;

Introduction of a bespoke cleaning management system

Chemical Free Cleaning Solutions

3D Building Mapping

Mobile vetting of personal identification documents

Implementation of e-training & staff engagement system

Water-Recycling Battery Powered Equipment

Digital Cleaning Plans with NFC Technology

Internet of Things (IoT)

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Cleaning Management System

We adopted the industry’s leading Cleaning Management System, Templa CMS, in 2012. The system, which has been specifically adapted for our own requirements, is integrated with our accounts and payroll software and consolidates all information into one centralised database.

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Green Cleaning

To reduce our impact on the environment we have adopted a core range of environmentally friendly products for a wide range of tasks. These products use a dosing system to provide the correct quantities for the job and prevent over pouring.

3D Building Mapping

DOC can provide a 3D digital representation of a building to which data points of editable information can be added so a viewer can see, ahead of time, the layout, task, specific attributes, and features of an area that will support the service provision.

Water-Recycling Battery Powered Equipment

Specialist equipment is supplied complete with an on board Non-Stop Cleaning system, meaning that the same water can be re-used for a week without having to empty and re-fill the tanks. Not only does this dramatically cut water consumption, but also saves valuable time and labour, allowing for longer run times and helping to improve productivity, saving up to 25% in labour per year.

Digital Cleaning Plans with NFC Technology

DOC use NFC technology in conjunction with TORK Vision throughout each building, aligning the specification with the online platform so we can promote cleaning transparency. The use of this system will be introduced to monitor proof of presence during a time when cleaning is of paramount importance.

Internet of Things

We use IoT to improve cleaning efficiency through timely allocation of tasks instead of scheduled tasks. We fit washroom sensors into the washroom areas enabling our housekeeping team to work productively and smarter by analysing and monitoring the footfall in specific areas. Working with IoT enables more cost-effective schedules, while eliminating costs associated with manual checking or undetected issues occurring, ensuring our clients are gaining a return on investment.

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Tablet PCs

Our management team have been equipped with iPads, given them instant access to information for every contract via a dedicated app. Utilising these iPads, the management team can also carry out quality audits, request stores orders, issue data forms and complete training forms without the need to access their PC.

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Client Portal

Our customers have instant access to a wide range of information about their contract, including the Site Binder, (including all H&S documentation) Quality Audits Reports, Employee Information, Training Records and Financial Information.


DOC monitors colleagues time and attendance through our time and attendance system, Timegate. This effectively manages rotas and shifts across our contracts, providing site scheduling, time and attendance records, and absence management for our operatives

Chemical Free Cleaning Solutions

As part of our Beyond Cleaning strategy, DOC are at the forefront of chemical free cleaning technology. Various methods for chemical free cleaning can be used, such as –

GreenSpeed ProBio Cleaning Agents

Complete chemical free cleaning solution by utilising probiotic technology. The products are active producers of a wide range of enzymes, which break down organic pollution. As a result, odours are actively controlled, and they remove substances that other micro-organisms can turn into odours


Turning tap water into a sanitised effective cleaning solution that is 100% chemical free. The patented technology recreates ozone, a natural cleaning element, straight from the tap

Toucan Eco

With just water, salt and a small electrical current Toucan Eco creates a powerful multipurpose antibacterial disinfectant cleaner

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