A family company with traditional values

We clean our customer’s premises up to the highest possible standards. We do this with much pride and great relationships.

Providing positive experiences and safer spaces

Our core job is cleaning buildings – to an exceptional standard. But we’re also polishing your image and reputation, creating a healthier, safer, more attractive, welcoming and efficient environment for your staff, customers and visitors. The bottom line is – a cleaner business is a more productive and profitable business.

“Our Company’s philosophy and values have helped us build a portfolio of extremely prestigious contracts. Each one of our customers receives the same levels of service and commitment as it is our over-riding aim to retain as many clients and contracts as possible.”

Lee Andrews
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Bespoke services for better value

Whilst our core job is to clean your premises to the highest possible standard, we know that every client has different needs.

Creating safer spaces in the workplace

Following the global pandemic, we have put in place a flexible and dynamic cleaning strategy for the new working environment, taking into account flexible working patterns and fluctuating office populations. We are focusing on a long-term solution for managing a safe and hygienic environment to instil confidence for our clients in their workplace; driven by our staff and supported with the latest technological analysis and scientific products.

The DOC SecureZone cleaning programme has been designed with Protecting Our Future at the forefront of our service. This package has been designed to offer a flexible service to all sectors, as every client has different needs and requirements for their businesses and properties. It incorporates SMART cleaning practices, data driven management, hygiene and sanitization initiatives, bespoke training and innovative co-botics machinery and integrated sanitary solutions; a fully inclusive program tailored to the needs and requirements of each client and property.

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