DOC Life – Vol 1

Welcome to the inaugural edition of our new staff newsletter, DOC Life. This is something that we have strived to produce for a number of years now and so finally, it has happened. I sincerely hope that you find this publication informative and enjoyable to read.

Our newsletter will be produced every 3 months and sent out electronically to all of our wonderful staff and a copy will also be available on the Employee Portal.

It is our intention to ensure that the content is centred around our staff with some company updates thrown in for good measure. Therefore, if you would like to recommend a subject, topic or story that you feel would be of interest to all of the DOC family then please do not hesitate to bring this to the attention of your Line Manager.

Read DOC Life Vol 1 Here

Newsletter Highlights

Here are some of the highlights from the latest edition of DOC Life;

2022 – The Year in Review

As 2022 draws to close, we wanted to take this opportunity to take a look back at what has been a successful and celebratory year, as the company celebrated its 50th anniversary… read more.

UhUb Higher Engaged

We are delighted to announce that we have achieved the UhUb accreditation of Higher Engaged, which means that over 80% of all staff members have completed the Core Skills training… read more.

What is coming in future editions of DOC Life?

Keep your eyes peeled for future editions of DOC Life where we will keep you up to date with the latest information within DOC, including our Employee Awards programme, Interviews with staff members, ESG progress and the release of our new website.

If you have any stories or updates that you would like featured in future newsletters, feel free to submit the details to