DOC Cleaning Becomes UhUb GOLD Engaged Business!

We are delighted to have achieved UhUb Gold Engaged status, which means over 90% of our entire workforce, up to an included Board level, have completed their UhUb core training. We believe this achievement helps support our mission to provide our customers with the highest quality of service.

Stephen Goodall, Founded and Managing Director of UhUb, says:

“Gaining GOLD is not easy, it really does take consistent effort, so achieving it is genuinely impressive and truly means something. We consider UhUb to be a mark of distinction that sets our community apart when it comes to training and when businesses like DOC achieve the higher levels it proves to the rest of the industry what we are doing (and I include you in that we) is the right thing to do. Training & Education for all is the only way to create true standards, and you guys have done that.

Jamie Bull, Financial Director of DOC, says:

We’re delighted to have achieved Gold Engaged status on UhUb. When we initially commenced our partnership with UhUb, we set out to demonstrate that entire workforce training is possible in the Cleaning Industry. Achieving the Gold Engaged status is a huge accomplishment and we look forward to building on this success as we work towards our goal of achieving the Platinum Engaged status. We couldn’t have reached this incredible milestone without the support of our Head of L&D, Jose Cavallaro and the tireless work of our Operations Teams. Well done to those involved at team DOC.