DOC Cleaning Becomes a UhUb Engaged Business!

Last year we made a commitment to ensure that our entire workforce were being trained to a consistent base level of skills training.

The system of choice to deliver this training was the revolutionary mobile platform, UhUb, and we can now officially call ourselves a ‘UhUb Engaged’ business with over 60% of all staff having completed the core skills training. This level of training is mandatory for all operatives and helps them continue on the learning and development path throughout their employment with DOC Cleaning.

Uptake of the system was instantaneous with over 20% of the workforce logging in on the first couple of days alone. A week later we hit 40% of staff logged in and 4 weeks after that we achieved our first site of over 20 employees to be 100% trained on UhUb.

Since the launch of UhUb, the system has not only been used for training. The platform is also a vital engagement tool throughout the company, allowing us to post messages and updates to staff, whilst also giving them access to key company information and documents. The leaderboards, which manage the amount of training that people have completed, have offered a bit of friendly completion amongst staff and we are also offering various rewards upon completion of training.

The reporting capabilities also provide a valuable management tool, allowing us to identify those staff who are ready for progression onto the next stage of their development. Together with our bespoke in- house Operations Training Programme, we have a rigorous set of requirements that are designed to equip staff with the underpinning knowledge and skills that are needed to progress onto Supervisor and Managerial level.

The last 12 months have seen a huge emphasis from the company to ensure that all levels of employment are given the opportunity to learn and progress. We are a huge believer in promotion from within and take great pride in seeing our operatives rise through the ranks. The cleaning industry is historically seen as a low skilled industry; however, we are doing everything in our power to change that perception.