Our People

People are the most important aspect of any business and our company is committed to recruiting honest, conscientious and reliable employees. In return, staff receive excellent pay rates, a friendly working environment and committed support and back-up from our managers and directors.

All employees are indoctrinated into our philosophy of quality and excellence in their work and are actively encouraged to adopt our ethics of conscientiousness and dedication. We emphasise the high standards of work expected and encourage staff to take pride in their work.

In order to provide our clients with a certain amount of peace of mind, prospective employees are all security-vetted prior to commencing work with our company and are all directly-employed by us. They are also fully inducted prior to commencing duties at an establishment and are made fully aware of all of our client's rules and regulations.

It would appear that our employment policies are successful as we have a very low level of staff turnover, in relation to the cleaning industry, with staff remaining loyal to with our company for many years.