Introducing our Cleaning Management System

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Templa-CMS which will see DOC Cleaning Limited operate the fully integrated management system built by Templa, designed specifically for the needs of the cleaning industry. Below is the press release announcing the partnership.

DOC Cleaning choose Templa-CMS for their integrated business system.

DOC Cleaning, Epping, have been respected members of the UK contract cleaning industry since 1972 and the company's founding father, Bob Andrews, instilled a culture in the business of professionalism, open communication and the highest levels of customer service. Today, this culture permeates in the company and still remains at the heart of their ethos.

Lee Andrews, Managing Director and Bob's son, says,

"we've grown our business around those core values my father established from the outset. Testimony to this is our proudest achievement of being one of the only privately owned cleaning businesses to hold a royal warrant to HM the Queen, which we have retained for a number of years. We've achieved this as all members of the Board have an active role in our contracts and get involved in the detail. However, with our plans for continued growth comes the need to pass on responsibility to others".

DOC realised that as their business grows further, software systems could play a greater part and vital role in the detailed management of the business. They had outgrown the capability of their standard Sage accounts and payroll package, so looked for a solution that would meet the industry's requirements and deliver the business support they would need. DOC selected Templa-CMS, a unique contract management system that controls all areas of financial, operational and post-sales activity around a centrally managed database.

Templa-CMS is fast emerging as the leading solution where cleaning companies are looking at their medium to long term business plans, therefore wishing to invest in the latest technology and with a company and product that will offer longevity.

Rick Stoor, MD at Templa says,

"our solution strategy is all about delivering a strong, robust and flexible, centrally managed system. Contracts are at its heart, with all other finance and operations areas radiating from it. Business control and therefore profit management are what the solution brings cleaning companies of all sizes. Our competitors focus on mobile apps, but these are driven by legacy systems in the back-office that were designed decades ago. We have the advantage of a truly leading edge back-office solution from which we build front-line apps with seamless integration."

When asked why DOC selected Templa-CMS, Lee Andrews replied: "our Board wanted a system that gave us the confidence to let go of the detail, but still provide us with the functionality and information to manage the business closely. We did not want to lose our core values and have identified a number of key areas that will help us to move forward in this way:

  • contract management: never before have we been able to contemplate having all our contract records and documents in one place, with secure accessibility provided for so many levels of user across ther company.
  • e-timesheets: empowering our area managers with the tools to maintain their cleaning staff's budgets, work time, holidays, sickness and ad-hoc duties, from a single point, will reduce costs in payroll admin time and deliver improved operational productivity.
  • intelligent workflow: the fact that we can define business process and rules, that invoke actions on staff to be completed, means we have an automated mechanism for assignment, tracking and follow-up across the business, so the system will now be looking after the detail.
  • the future: with the core system we have seen to-date, plus their future plans, Templa-CMS has got a clear development roadmap that we want to be part of, this will future-proof software systems in our business as we grow further."
  • Templa-CMS offers a range of modules in a one-touch environment covering the end-to-end requirements of contract administration, financial control and delivery. Integration is its strength with real-time links to accounts, payroll, time and attendance, supply chain, as well as interfaces to iPad and web portal technology

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