Living Wage

Our company are proud to have received accreditation as a ‘Recognised Living Wage Service Provider’ from the Living Wage Foundation. The payment of the Living Wage rates to employees is entirely voluntary and are in no way a statutory requirement unlike the National Minimum Wage which is a legally enforceable and set in law.

The Living Wage was launched by Citizens UK in 2001. The principle behind the Living Wage is simple and powerful: that work should bring dignity and should enable families to enjoy the essentials of life.

The Living Wage is calculated according to the basic cost of living in the UK and expressed as an hourly wage rate. There are two different wage rates. These are independently set and updated annually. The rate for London is calculated by the Greater London Authority (“GLA”) and the rate for outside London is calculated by the Centre for Research in Social Policy (“CRSP”).

Living Wage Service Provider Programme

As a Living Wage Contractor DOC CLEANING LIMITED has committed to the following:

  1. all its employees, other than those who are engaged in delivering services under a contract for a specific client, are paid at or above the Living Wage rate as determined by GLA or CRSP, as appropriate;
  2. it will increase the amount of Living Wage paid to such employees by the amount of any increase to the Living Wage as announced by GLA or CRSP, as appropriate, within 6 months of such an announcement; and
  3. a separately costed Living Wage compliant bid will be submitted with responses to requests for estimates for the supply of personnel and invitations to tender, unless a prospective customer expressly requests DOC CLEANING LIMITED, does not do so.

The fact that we have gone through the process of achieving accreditation confirms our commitment to at least try and achieve better pay rates for our staff and hopefully will have a positive effect on our customers willingness to facilitate this objective.

If you would like to find out more about the Living Wage Foundation please follow the link here; our company logo is now included under ‘Service Providers’.

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