Our company is now utilising a helpdesk system that directly integrates with our quality auditing software. Packaged within the ServiceTrac system from Innovise, the helpdesk allows for real time information to be available to our operations managers at the touch of a button, utilising their tablet P.Cs.

Whilst any issues determined during an audit will be logged automatically as a helpdesk case, each user also has the ability to record and review any issues directly from their device. Each case is assigned a unique log number and this information is instantly synced to head office where it can be tracked through to completion by our helpdesk operatives. Helpdesk tasks may be prioritised in order of importance and target completion time, and ultimately allows for an audit trail of any logged case for future reference.

The helpdesk set up is fully flexible and also allows for other scenarios such as logging requests from clients, managing tasks allocated to internal staff and dealing with external contractors by recording information such as order numbers, job costs, categories job histories etc.

To make all of this information quantifiable the helpdesk software also provides extensive reporting options, allowing accurate performance reporting. Performance can be monitored against clear benchmarks which ties in with our current Key Performance Indicators.

Comparison reports looking at ongoing performance, including graphs, can easily be produced and reports can also be used to support our QMS accreditations. User-driven selection criteria ensures that reports can be generated for specific time frames and cover either specific or general tasks, all at the touch of a button.

By utilising this technology it allows us to be pro-active to any alarming trends that may be developing, which helps us in our overall aim of improving our level of customer service.