Quality Auditing

Our company has recently invested in a system which allows us to satisfy our credentials for the inspection, measurement, monitoring and reporting of performance on site. This data forms the basis of our continuous development and improvement procedures.

Utilising hand-held technology, this system enables inspectors to record in real time their findings during quality audits and to respond immediately to any non-conformities and problem areas.

The reports produced following inspections will be included in our Management Report and will detail such items as-

  • Quality and performance scores set against a benchmarked criteria
  • Specific details of areas of poor workmanship
  • Customer Complaints
  • Completed Periodic Works
  • Required additional works
  • Overall analysis of performance levels and customer satisfaction
  • Helpdesk function
  • The system that we use for our quality auditing is called Servicetrac which is supplied by a company called Innovise who specialise in these types of systems specifically for the cleaning industry but which we have adapted to further suit our own individual and specific requirements.