Our Account Management

We place great emphasis on our management structure and pride ourselves upon the quality of our managers and supervisors and the high level of input from all senior officers of the company. We feel that this is vital for the ongoing success of all contracts regardless of size or nature.

Our structure allows for the control of all contracts and service requirements to be resourced correctly and effectively with each individual site coming under the ultimate control of a company director who assumes the overall responsibility for the success of each contract accordingly.

Dependent upon the size, nature and requirement of a contract, either a site manager or area manager will assume responsibility for the day to day management; they will always be supported by either a site or area supervisor.

Site and area managers are further controlled by a Regional Operations Manager who in turn reports directly to the company director responsible for the respective site.

Our management style is to be as visible as possible at all times and to offer full communication with both our clients and employees in order to ensure that all activities are controlled and carried out as required and up to the highest possible standards.