Our Process

Our Company was formed in 1972 as DOC Cleaning Services by one of its present Directors, and has grown steadily by building up a client list comprising of a diverse range of locations, ranging from large public buildings, museums and galleries, through to offices and individual premises.

Our Company is a family run concern that prides itself on professionalism, conscientiousness and loyalty. DOC Cleaning Limited’s philosophy is simple; that on being awarded a contract, our primary aims are to keep our clients happy, and to provide a service that is second to none. With a high contract retention rate, as well as many long-standing contracts, we feel our aims are continually met.

Since its formation, DOC Cleaning as attained a wealth of knowledge and experience in the cleaning industry, and this fact is of vital significance to all our operations. Our Directors and Senior Managers fully understand that their level of involvement in each individual contract, regardless of size or nature, needs to be of the highest standard, and we are driven by the need to provide an efficient, honest and dedicated service at all times.

It is this philosophy of involvement that guides our business ethics, with the “personal touch” being of paramount importance to our business aims and objectives. This need for inclusiveness is translated to all of our operatives, therefore partnerships are formed with our clients, ensuring that dedication, pride and understanding of requirements is shown throughout all operations.

The involvement and dedication of employees at all levels, as well as the pro-active approach of directors and managers, ensures that staff morale is high, and employee turnover is low. We believe our company to be a friendly, considerate and a reasonable employer, ensuring our staff-force are happy and content in their work. As a result of this, our standards of work are high, and staff work to the best of their abilities to achieve a common aim - ensuring that all parties are happy and satisfied with our service.

Our Royal Warrant

It was with great pleasure, and much pride, that our company was awarded a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty the Queen in January 2008. This prestigious award is given in recognition of the long standing relationship and high levels of service that we have provided to the Royal Household over many consecutive years. It also further demonstrates our commitment to supply an excellent service to all of our customers.

More information about the Royal Warrant can be found at www.royalwarrant.org

Royal Warrant